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FTSE Italia All-Share0.29%+
FTSE Italia Mid Cap0.19%+
FTSE Italia STAR-1.33%-
FTSE MIB0.28%+


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Dollaro USA1.0991+
Lira sterlina0.896+
Franco svizzero1.0675+
Dollaro australiano1.6565+
Dollaro canadese1.5126-
Dollaro di Hong Kong8.5204+


Don't forget this, Francis says at general audience

1st brotherhood ended in fratricide, now war is everywhere says Pope

Don't forget this, Francis says at general audience.

Only economic growth counts Francis tells ANSA freelancer

Motherhood is 'humiliated' in today's society says Pope

Motherhood is "humiliated" in today's society, Pope Francis writes in a letter to an Italian journalist who gave him her book titled Francis, The Women's Pope.

Never hinder Jesus' desire to save all says Francis

COVID confirms desire to be close to Church says pope

The COVID-19 emergency has confirmed the desire of people everywhere to be close to the Catholic Church, Pope Francis said in a message to the Pontifical Missionary Works on Thursday.

Gift from God despite trials and tribulations

Life must be defended says Pope

Human life must be defended as it is a gift from God despite trials and tribulations, Pope Francis said at his weekly general audience on Wednesday. The pope added that "we do not guard Creation but it bears the signature of God".

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